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Express Garage Doors supplies and installs electric openers for all types of garage doors and we only use quality branded products (2 year and 5 year Warranty) as we feel the installation should only be carried out once and then operate perfectly every time.


There are a lot of very cheap, noisy non-European, non-compliant electric openers available in the U.K, but buyers should be very aware of what you may be purchasing as it may well be illegal or dangerous especially if incorrectly specified for the door type.

NEVER fit a garage door opener if it does not have a safety return mechanism when an obstruction is hit. Latest standards require a very fast reaction time for the opener motor to reverse as soon as it has struck an obstacle.



Ideal for Single Up and Over doors as well as sectional doors, the Promatic and Supramatic garage door openers, makes retrofitting easy. From now on maintenance is a thing of the past. The patented toothed belt makes the ProMatic and Supramatic maintenance-free, nothing needs to be oiled, re-adjusted or adapted.



Features & Benefits
• The door automatically locks on closing, making it impossible to force it open.
• Adjustable "soft start and soft stop" gives smooth operation
• Safe - on encountering an obstruction the door comes to an immediate halt.
• Garage lighting.
• Automatic door latching, real protection against levering open of the door (Hormann Patent)

Finger print scanners and external wireless keypads are very useful when you have a lot of people in your family using the garage often, especially if for accessing fridges, freezers, bikes or other items which are retrieved on foot.


A range of battery back up systems are now also available for those times when you have a power cut in the morning just as you want to access your garage for your vehicle. The battery backup will allow several full operations until the main power is restored.


Call Express Garage Doors on 01383-852753 for a full rundown on electric garage door opener types and the different security systems and applications.

With the Hörmann BiSecur Gateway, you can conveniently control your Hörmann garage door or entrance gate operators, Hörmann entrance door* and other devices using your smartphone or tablet. You can also display the door position for your garage door or entrance gate, as well as the locking state of your entrance door* while on the go.

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