Advice on choosing your garage door & Why buy from Express Garage Doors!

When you're choosing a new garage door your first concern is often what the door looks like. garage door lock
At Express Garage Doors you'll find a range of styles and finishes beyond compare.
We recognise that it is only when your door is installed and in everyday use that important points such as ease of operation, upkeep, security and durability become apparent. At Express Garage Doors, not only do we promise an outstanding choice but we also promise a door which will serve you well for many years to come.

Points to consider - What is the purpose of your garage?
e.g hobbyroom, workshop - consider insulation, need to gain more width/height ? Then a roller or sectional type door would be a good solution.

What size do you need?
Doors are ordered by opening size, in most cases this will be the internal frame dimensions.

What is suitable for your garage?
It depends on physical characteristics of your garage and our staff will be able to assess suitable type after a few questions.

What type of security do I need?
We have a range of high security features as standard supplied on most of our new garage doors.

What type of finish do I need?
Consider style & finish of existing doors & windows of house and try and complement these in line with garage door.

Don't worry about sizes our technician will survey the site and double check opening sizes or if the garage requires any modifications.

Door and Hardware Federation.
Why should you specify from a DHF member company?
• Only DHF members have access to a comprehensive range of technical guides - your assurance of receiving products and services that are technically advanced and comply with legislation
• DHF members are professionals who work within defined Codes of Conduct and Codes of Practice to ensure you receive high standards of service and products that display high standards of workmanship and that are fit for purpose
• Choosing a DHF member guarantees you are dealing with a supplier holding £2 million product liability insurance
• Products and services supplied by DHF members comply with Health and Safety and CE marking requirements, giving you complete peace of mind
• Dispute resolution - DHF acts as a facilitator to promote the resolution of contentious issues by creating a climate in which to reach an amicable solution.

Why should you buy from Express Garage Doors?

If you are buying a door or shutter, then be sure to buy the right product for you, as Members of the Door & Hardware Federation are committed to providing quality products which are fit for purpose and comply with legislation.
All the leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of industrial and commercial doors and shutters, garage doors and door hardware are members of the DHF. It has 200 members.
Automation adds additional security, convenience and ease of use.

DHF members are committed to supplying the highest quality products with the added assurance that all products meet the latest safety and regulatory requirements. A leading player within the industry, the federation is a member of the Construction Products Association. The DHF is dedicated to upholding its members’ levels of technical competence, professional integrity and quality to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Fife Trusted Trader Scheme

trusted traderIs led by Fife Council Trading Standards. It’s a membership scheme which uses an online directory of local trades who have made a commitment to treat their customers fairly.
The growing membership shows that the scheme gives both Fife residents and scheme members confidence that we are here to stay, and we will continue in our efforts to marginalise bogus workmen whilst promoting Fife businesses to local consumers.



Trusted Trader is designed to:
Help customers avoid rogue traders
Help customers make a more informed choice when choosing a trader
Promote good business practice
Independent Complaints Omsbudsman Service

Customers who use a Trusted Trader are asked to complete a survey form, based on their experience. That feedback is published on an online database by our partners at Referenceline.
Before employing a trader to work in your home, you can search online for a local Trusted Trader (takes you to an external website) and check the feedback from their previous customers. This can help you to select the right trader for your needs.

The scheme is aimed at the home improvement trades, other household related services and the motor trade.
All applicants will require to be vetted prior to being admitted to the scheme and being able to claim membership. Members must agree to adhere to the terms and conditions. This includes a commitment to trade fairly, within the requirements of the law.

Fife Trusted Trader - Consumer Complaints (Ombudsman Services):

If you have a complaint against us for any work carried out or goods supplied, then put this in writing to us at our main address as soon as possible. We will aim to resolve the matter quickly. As a member of Fife Council Trusted Trader scheme we are bound by their consumer dispute resolution, and if we are unable to reach agreement then Trading Standards will provide an informal concilliation service, you can contact them on 01592-583141 or at

Should this process fail to conclude the matter, then a referral can be made to Ombudsman Services, who provide an independent, expert dispute resolution service to the Fife Council Trusted Trader scheme. We will abide by their decision.

Are you considering buying your garage door over the Internet?
garage door security lock

Buying garage doors on the internet is fraught with potential problems including -

In most cases you are responsible for getting the dimensions correct?
You will find that if you provide wrong sizes, many internet traders will not accept a return or refund because the responsibility lies with you and the information you have provided.

If any issues arise with the product, you do not have someone you can go and see "face to face" to resolve your problem.

A lack of required experience and knowledge of the product, our staff are trained and with over 20 years in the garage door industry

Also most garage doors are now available made to order as a matter of course with so many options.

So the real issue for you, the consumer, is to ensure you know exactly what you are ordering and paying for!

For example we can supply an up and over timber door for as little as £650 or as much as £6,300 for the same 7' x 7' opening size! The difference would be clear when you saw them, but in a brochure there may not appear to be that much difference.

As every manufacturer has a slightly different overall door panel and frame size for their particular garage door you can easily order a heavily discounted stock sized garage door only to find the overall dimensions with the fixing frame included, will not fit your existing garage opening.

We have over 20 years experience with surveyors, engineers and sales staff and have gained a wealth of knowledge in all types of garage doors- good and bad.

Everyone will tell you their garage door is the best but how can you really know as you probably have never purchased a garage door before - it is not an everyday item.

If you want an honest opinion on any type of garage door or roller shutter Express Garage Doors supplies over 1,000 garage doors a year to every type of property you can imagine - someone in our company will always be able to help with your particular requirement no matter how large or small.

We have offered various methods of contact on our website but perhaps we should all remember the best form of communication is still the simplest and only involves picking up the telephone and explaining your requirement to us.

We will always try to price match any genuine quotation you may have had and indeed beat it if possible but will always ensure you get the right garage door specification for your requirements.

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